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One of the most integral parts of garden maintenance is lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing for body corporate and commercial premises


We manage your commercial lawn mowing - commercial premises or body corporates

One of the most integral parts of garden maintenance is commercial lawn mowing. It's one of the basics, and we love leaving a lawn looking great! There are few things that make the outside area of a property look better including a well maintained lawn and that's where we come in.

At Strata Mow, we don't just mow the lawn, we cut it to just the right length and we keep the edges neat and well maintained. 


  • mowing to the shortest practical length without going too short
  • hedging and pruning before we mow so trimmings are mowed up
  • removing lawn clippings from the property
  • cutting lawn edges vertically wherever possible


  • Accidentally scalping of the grass with the mower blades
  • Tearing grass that is fragile from very wet or dry conditions

Believe it or not, there is an optimum length at which to mow grass.  At Strata Mow, we seek to minimise our clients' costs by mowing grass to the optimum level based on the conditions.  While cutting grass short can maximise the time before the next mow is needed, that can have disadvantages that are costly in the long run. On properties at which water is at a premium, leaving grass a little longer can significantly reduce the rate at which grass and soil lose moisture.  This will help the grass look greener and healthier for longer.  Also, cutting too short can result in an unattractive or 'scalped' look. Our gardeners mow as effectively as possible based on the conditions and our clients' wishes.

A common gardening mistake is to mow first and prune second.  At Strata Mow, we always trim the hedges and shrubs before we mow so that what we leave behind is a beautifully manicured lawn, free of hedge trimmings and other plant material.

All grass clippings are removed from the property each visit, unless our client has specifically requested a compost heap.  Our gardeners also minimise grass clippings being left on driveways and we conclude each visit by cleaning up paths and driveways with the leaf blower.

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Carol A. Cooper / CSCM, Body Corporate Manager

Carol A. Cooper

I cannot speak highly enough of Barry White and his company Strata Mowing. StrataMow have been looking after our properties for 10 years.  always providing honest, practical and cost effective advice and service for lawn and garden maintenance. Read more

Keryn Stirling / Business Owner

Keryn Stirling

The StrataMow crew come to my premises and take management of all areas. My place always looks clean, tidy and maintained. So many compliments on the hedges!

Megan Bennett / Business Owner

Megan Bennett

They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, but once you have these boys on the job that second chance is now a reality for our property. Read more

Richard Graham / Managing Director, Apache Coatings

Richard Graham