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At StrataMow we understand garden maintenance services for any sized Body Corporate. 

We have many, permanent garden maintenance Brisbane body corporate clients who trust us with their regular maintenance. Firstly we understand the differences between shared spaces, garden areas and traffic areas. No-one wants to spend time unnecessarily attending to garden maintenance issues on behalf of the body corporate. At StrataMow, we minimise the need for communication, decision making, site visits and repairs. By keeping gardens green, under control and safe, we prevent garden related issues getting out of hand. We also maintain lawns and gardens to our clients' specifications so that they remain as beautiful and manageable.

Our body corporate garden maintenance service include:

  • lawn mowing
  • garden pruning
  • leaf litter removal
  • driveways, entry and pathways leaf blower cleared
  • discarding junk mail

For shared spaces like gardens, lawns and courtyards we know that these areas need to be kept clean and neat for all residents to enjoy.  We keep gardens from overgrowing which can exclude access to shared garden areas. We also remove rubbish and plant material from gardens so they keep their inviting and pleasant appearance. Lawns are maintained neatly and with a useable grass-height. If a lawn is struggling with wear and tear from high pedestrian traffic, we report that to our clients and can suggest options. In courtyards we remove accumulated leaf litter which can often build up in corners as well as any rubbish.

Body Corporate Garden Maintenance Brisbane 

With garden areas we maintain the beauty and functionality of existing plants, trees and shrubs. While being pleasing to the eye, many bushes and hedges also perform useful functions such as assisting with privacy and channeling foot traffic. While we maintain gardens so they continue to be useful, we also maintain their appearance by pruning dead branches and clearing away any rubbish or leaf accumulations.

In high-traffic areas such as driveways which require safe, 24 hour access we remove leaf litter and rubbish. We also prune any overhanging shrubs and trees so that full access is maintained and so that safe sight-lines are kept clear.

There is also one very valuable service that StrataMow staff perform for body corporate garden maintenance and that is the removal of any junk-mail build up. Many letterbox areas become unsightly with accumulated junk mail and our staff remove this while leaving official mail in letterboxes where it is supposed to go.

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Carol A. Cooper / CSCM, Body Corporate Manager

Carol A. Cooper

I cannot speak highly enough of Barry White and his company Strata Mowing. StrataMow have been looking after our properties for 10 years.  always providing honest, practical and cost effective advice and service for lawn and garden maintenance. Read more

Keryn Stirling / Business Owner

Keryn Stirling

The StrataMow crew come to my premises and take management of all areas. My place always looks clean, tidy and maintained. So many compliments on the hedges!

Megan Bennett / Business Owner

Megan Bennett

They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, but once you have these boys on the job that second chance is now a reality for our property. Read more

Richard Graham / Managing Director, Apache Coatings

Richard Graham