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If there's one thing that StrataMow are experts at, it's lawn care

A well manicured and healthy lawn is the centrepiece of a great garden and a valuable asset for any property.

Lawn care for strata management, body corporate, commercial properties in Brisbane

About our lawn care service

StrataMow's garden maintenance service includes lawn care and we can enhance, maintain and care for the lawn at your property by

  • lawn mowing
  • edging
  • weed control
  • high traffic area rejuvenation
  • removal of grass clippings
  • fertilising (biannually)
  • scarifying (annually)

Our gardeners mow to the optimum grass length for cost efficiency, presentation and lawn health. Mowing the grass too long can be a waste of time and money as it will just have to be done again soon but mowing too short can leave the grass looking 'scalped' and unsightly.  It also causes the grass to lose moisture too quickly and be susceptible to sun damage.  

At StrataMow we also carefully edge grassed areas by trimming the edge vertically wherever possible. This keeps grass from spreading into garden beds and gives the lawn a lovely, neat appearance.

High foot traffic repeatedly on an area of the lawn can compact the soil and give grass an unhealthy or even bald appearance. Areas that need to be walked on regularly may need to be paved or have stepping stones installed but our professional gardeners can advise on the rejuvenation of damaged grass wherever possible.

We suggest fertilising grass two or three times per year (Spring, Summer and Autumn) to give your lawn all the nutrients it needs to remain green and healthy looking all year round.  Some grasses go dormant in the Winter months during this time mowing will not be required as frequently or often not at all.  Our gardeners take this opportunity to perform other garden maintenance tasks but we will always leave a lawn looking neat and free of leaves or other plant material even is a mow is not needed.

Around once per year we also suggest scarifying the lawn (mowing very short) as lawns naturally build up a layer thatched material underneath the visible green leaves.  This is likely to leave the lawn looking more brown than usual but in Spring or Summer the green colour will return quickly as new shoots become visible.  Scarifying will keep the lawn much more healthy in the long term. 

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Carol A. Cooper / CSCM, Body Corporate Manager

Carol A. Cooper

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Keryn Stirling

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Megan Bennett

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