Hedging & Pruning

Hedges provide privacy, boundaries or can be used to channel traffic through your garden.

Beautifully groomed hedges shaped the way you desire.

Hedging for strata and commercial properties in Brisbane

StrataMow's pruning and hedging service for your commercial or strata property

Part of any site visit by our professional gardeners will be hedging and pruning. Our staff keep existing hedges at the size and shape our clients desire. We also prune bushes and trees where possible to keep them looking good and to keep them away from property which could be damaged.

A well maintained hedge is an asset to any garden whether it be a commercial garden or a body corporate garden. Hedges can be used to channel foot traffic, to help maintain privacy and for just looking great.

The Strata Mow garden team will perform routine hedging and pruning tasks including -

  • Maintaining the size and shape of existing hedges
  • Keeping hedge height manageable to avoid additional costs
  • Keeping hedges clear of fences and walls
  • Ensuring that branches or fronds do not interfere with letterboxes, paths or driveways
  • Stopping hedges from going beyond the property boundary
  • Stopping overgrowth of creeping weeds or vines

Our gardeners will keep hedge height within reach, unless our clients request otherwise. With reachable hedge heights maintained, the costs of bringing an overgrown hedge back under control can be avoided.  We also keep hedges from growing through fences as this can misshape or damage a fence over time.

Our tree and bush pruning service will ensure that branches or fronds do not interfere with driveways, paths, letterboxes or buildings and are trimmed and removed from the site.  We also keep reachable branches from growing through boundary fences and neighbouring property plants from overgrowing our clients’ properties. High trees and major branch removal work would need a dedicated tree lopper or a separate job quote by StrataMow so please let us know if that is required.

Branches which constantly brush up against walls can annoy tenants and even peel paint or discolour walls. So our gardeners regularly keep branches clear of building walls wherever possible.

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Carol A. Cooper / CSCM, Body Corporate Manager

Carol A. Cooper

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Keryn Stirling

The StrataMow crew come to my premises and take management of all areas. My place always looks clean, tidy and maintained. So many compliments on the hedges!

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Megan Bennett

They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, but once you have these boys on the job that second chance is now a reality for our property. Read more

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Richard Graham